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InsideOUT can support your organisation / workplace to be as safe and inclusive as possible for rainbow communities




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If you are a mental health or addiction service provider, learn more about our workshops here.

Professional Development & Workshops

Our professional development workshops can make your workplace more productive and more inclusive, so your rainbow service users and employees feel 100% welcome. We offer professional development training and workshops suitable for any organisation, business or workplace that wants to become more inclusive of rainbow communities.

We can tailor your workshop to support the outcomes you hope to achieve. Got something specific in mind? Let us know. While we focus on rainbow inclusion, our team has delivered workshops on topics ranging from social media to leadership skills, and we provide multiple options in terms of workshop duration and cost.

We can also be hired for speaking engagements, panels or conferences. We are proud to have a number of inspiring and experienced rainbow rangatahi and staff available to book for keynotes, panels, assemblies, speeches and more. Please note there is a charge for this service, though we are happy to negotiate these to ensure our services are accessible to your organisation.

Some of our previous professional development clients:

  • Stats NZ
  • Kiwi Wealth
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Public Sector Chief Executives
  • Crown Law
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Department of Conservation
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Piki
  • HELP Wellington
  • Zeal Wellington
  • Massey University
  • Gore Counselling
  • Capital & Coast DHB
  • Interpreting NZ
  • Youthline
  • Community Law
  • Squiz
  • Atareira
  • REAL Pathways
  • Child Matters

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is at any stage of their understanding of gender and sexual diversity issues – as everyone will learn something.”

“I loved the discussions around how to respond to situations, especially around follow-ups as it is sometimes difficult to actually step up in the moment”

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Consulting Services

InsideOUT is a leading expert in Aotearoa for issues and inclusion of rainbow communities. We offer consulting services in the following key areas:

  • Policy
  • Resource Development
  • Youth Engagement
  • Rainbow Community Engagement

We can offer support to create and review documents, advise on best practice language and inclusion, recruit and facilitate focus groups and more.

Previous consulting clients:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • WORD (Wellington Offroad Riding Department)
  • Ministry of Education
  • ACC
  • ActionStation
  • Office of Film and Literature Classifications
  • New Zealand Students’ Association
  • Community Law Wellington & Hutt Valley
  • Family Planning
  • Autonomouse Productions – Rūrangi

Presentation was amazing. It has taught me skills which I am looking forward to implementing into my practice and taking back to my team.”

“It felt welcoming, safe, inclusive and SO informing. It seemed like the team felt they could ask ‘anything’ without fear of judgement and would get an answer that truly helped.”

It both informed and educated us, and in many cases opened our eyes to the size of both the challenge and the prize if we get it right. – Mark Sowden, Deputy Government Statistician and Deputy Chief Executive, Statistics New Zealand

They provided great information (for those of us addicted to ‘data’) and handled the questions well. Their knowledge, sense, and sensitivity especially shone through in the potential awkwardness of some of the matters raised … and their handling of those issues really impressed me. – Dr Dougal Watson, Principal Medical Officer, Civil Aviation Authority


I really appreciated the training. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is at any stage of their understanding of gender and sexual diversity issues – as everyone will learn something. – Conor Twyford, Manager, HELP Wellington Sexual Abuse Foundation

They came to each of our team meetings, provided insight and tips and were amazing to work with. Co-design with them – it’ll be the best decision you made. – Natalia Albert, Founder of Kate Sheppard Place Women

Their presentation enabled us to reflect on our current practices and we were left with some good practical ideas for moving forward, and resources that will be useful to assist us in our journey. – Maria Potter, Principal, Sacred Heart College Lower Hutt




    InsideOUT has developed a video resource in the importance of pronouns. Sharing your pronouns and asking for someone else’s is an easy way to signal to the person you’re talking to that you aren’t assuming what their gender identity is, or how they wish to be referred to. This is really important because every trans and gender diverse person’s journey is different. While some people may take steps to transition socially, legally and/or medically, others may not. You can therefore not know what someone’s gender identity is just by looking at them, knowing their name or hearing their voice.

    Rainbow Terminology

    A list of terms related to sex, gender and sexuality, and their common definitions.


    A collection of rainbow posters from InsideOUT and other rainbow organisations across Aotearoa that can be downloaded and printed for use in the workplace.