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It can be hard being a young person with a diverse gender or sexuality, or variations in sex characteristics. Here are some resources and places you can get support throughout Aotearoa.

If you’re supporting a rainbow loved one, you may also wish to learn more about their identities and ways to support them.

More Than Four

A video resource from InsideOUT, exploring the identities and experiences of and beyond ‘LGBT’ identities.

Hearing from a wide range of people within the rainbow community:  asexual, aromantic, intersex, non-binary, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, takatāpui, fa’afafine, akava’ine, queer parents and people who identify as both Māori, Pasifika or Asian and queer.

Te Ao Takatāpui

Te Ao Takatāpui is a video documentary series from InsideOUT Kōaro celebrating and sharing the stories and perspectives of takatāpui community members.

All episodes available to watch on our youtube channel.


InsideOUT has developed a video resource in the importance of pronouns. Sharing your pronouns and asking for someone else’s is an easy way to signal to the person you’re talking to that you aren’t assuming what their gender identity is, or how they wish to be referred to. This is really important because every trans and gender diverse person’s journey is different. While some people may take steps to transition socially, legally and/or medically, others may not. You can therefore not know what someone’s gender identity is just by looking at them, knowing their name or hearing their voice.

Rainbow tamariki and whānau at primary/intermediate schools in Aotearoa

Listen to the voices of rainbow tamariki and whānau at primary and intermediate schools in Aotearoa.

Available to watch online.

Rainbow rangatahi at secondary schools in Aotearoa

Listen to the voices of rainbow rangatahi at secondary schools in Aotearoa.

Available to watch online.

Shift Hui

Shift is our national hui (gathering) for rainbow young people! Over 100 young people join us every April for a weekend of making connections, learning about different issues facing the rainbow community, taking part in workshops and activities and gaining new skills and knowledge to help them set up and/or sustain a support group in their schools and communities. We want to see a shift in the dominant culture and see Aotearoa New Zealand as a safe place for everyone, regardless of their sex, sexuality or gender. Shift 2022 will be taking online this year over 19th-24th April. Applications will open during March.

“Coming from a smaller town, I was one of the only people I knew in the rainbow community. It makes everything a lot less lonely, and gives one hope for the future.” – Shift Hui participant

Making Schools Safer

InsideOUT’s resource book that provides an understanding of experiences of trans and gender diverse youth often face at their schools, and provides tips for whānau and counsellors.

Supporting Aotearoa’s Rainbow People – A Practical Guide for Mental Health Professionals

Rainbow people in New Zealand face a range of complex issues, and mental health professionals don’t always receive specific training about their needs and experiences. This guide is for anyone who provides mental health support in Aotearoa, including (but not limited to) counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, tohunga (Māori healers), social workers, mental health nurses, and GPs. It will also be helpful for youth workers, group facilitators, and peer supporters.

Professional Development Training

InsideOUT offers staff training to primary, intermediate and secondary schools which is recommended for every school. However, these can especially be a huge help when a trans or gender diverse child is in the school community as we can answer the staff’s questions and advise them on how to best support any rainbow students or families in their school. Email to learn more.

Be There

A collaborative project between InsideOUT & rainbow organisations across Aotearoa to provide guidance and resources for parents, family and whānau of rainbow young people. Visit

Out on the Shelves

Out on the Shelves is an online resource that lists books with rainbow themes and characters, with the aim of supporting rainbow young people to find stories that represent their identities in positive and affirming ways. 


InsideOUT runs a radio show, SpeakOUT – with Wellington Access Radio on 106.1FM, playing live on Wednesday 6pm every fortnight. Speak Out covers local and international news and events, interviews and discussion, music by LGBTQIA+ artists, reviews, live performances and more. Speak OUT is also uploaded online as a podcast that you can listen to here: Spotify, Podbean, Apple Music.


A collection of rainbow posters from InsideOUT and other rainbow organisations across Aotearoa.