Get Involved

We often get approached by people, both those within rainbow communities and allies, about how they can get involved with supporting InsideOUT.

Opportunities for rainbow & takatāpui people

Opportunities for allies

Opportunities for rainbow & takatāpui people to get involved

For rainbow, takatāpui and questioning young people (those under 27), we have a youth volunteer programme that you can be a part of. 

We also frequently have positions available on our board. These positions are open both to young people (those under 27) and those who are older (as Executive Advisors supporting younger Board members). These positions are voluntary. 

In addition to voluntary roles, we occasionally have paid roles available.To find out more about these roles, check out our Work for Us or Volunteer page.

Opportunities for allies to get involved

For those who aren’t members of rainbow or takatāpui communities but want to support us, there’s lots of ways you can do this! This support can come from you as an individual or from a workplace, club or community group that you’re a part of. 

Some ways you can support us is by ordering, sharing or displaying our resources, or getting a training from us to ensure that your workplace is abiding by best practice when it comes to rainbow inclusion.

To find out about other ways you can support us, check out our Donate or Fundraise page.