Last week our friends at Rainbow Youth launched an exciting new educational resource, which we reckon has the power to really transform sexuality and gender diversity education in New Zealand schools!

We’re super excited to support this project and to see it roll out across the country at regional launches over the next few weeks.

As you may have seen, Rainbow Youth’s new resource is called Inside Out – just like our organisation. To clear up any confusion we just want to let everyone know that we were aware of the name double up some time ago and understand it was unable to be changed after a lot of thought and hard work had gone into the resources. We know it’s a little confusing but reckon it’s a classic case of ‘great minds think alike’ – it’s an awesome name for the work we do in our communities and we’re 100% in support of Rainbow Youth and this project.

You can learn more about it and watch the videos that make up the resource here:

If you want to help minimize any confusion then the best way to refer to us is as: InsideOUT (yes that’s all one word, with a capital OUT!) – a national organisation working to make schools and communities safer for  young people of diverse sexualities, sexes and genders. We work alongside young people to set up queer straight alliance/diversity groups in their schools, run awareness campaigns like the Day of Silence, and a whole lot more!

Whereas the resource can be talked about as:  Inside Out – Rainbow Youth’s video-based teaching resource which aims to increase understanding and support of sex, gender and sexuality diversity, so we can all belong. The resource is freely accessible and hopes to decrease homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools.

Read about what the name InsideOUT means to us here!

We can’t wait to put this new resource to work and see the changes this can make in schools across the country!