Mental Health & Addiction

InsideOUT offers workshops across three streams. Click through to learn more.


Tauiwi Stream

Kaupapa Māori Stream

Pasifika Stream

All people from rainbow communities deserve to be treated with respect when accessing support. This training will equip services with more knowledge to be able to provide rainbow competent services for rainbow people, who we know face disproportionately high mental health and addiction challenges in Aotearoa.”

InsideOUT Kōaro is the national provider delivering free rainbow and takatāpui competency training to the mental health and addiction workforce in Aotearoa. The goal of these trainings is to make it easier for rainbow and takatāpui service users to access safe and inclusive care from mental health and addictions.

There are three streams of this training (including workshops or wānanga, resources, and follow-up) available; including a kaupapa Māori, Pasifika, and Tauiwi stream. Each stream draws on their own rich bodies of knowledge to help mental health and addiction services meet the needs of their rainbow and takatāpui service users.

Our training is open to all mental health and addiction services and practitioners, with a focus on access and choice providers and primary mental health and addiction services, as well as those working with youth, Pasifika, and Māori communities.

Mental health and addiction providers or practitioners interested in the training can fill out the enquiry form here.

We also offer tailored workshops to schools and other kinds of organisations which you can enquire about here.

Tauiwi – ARC: Advancing Rainbow Competency

The ARC training includes a workshop, resources for further learning, and an hour of follow-up with InsideOUT to support you in making your service or practice safer and more inclusive for rainbow service users.

Contact for information or questions.

The Workshop:

The standard ARC workshop is a 5 hour interactive workshop for up to 25 participants covering eight key learning objectives ranging from understanding of key concepts and terminology, to practical tips on professional practice, and applying learnings to common scenarios, covering the following topics:

  • Rainbow concepts and terminology
  • Key factors
  • Professional practice + service
  • Answering key questions
  • Protective factors and resilience
  • Gender affirming healthcare
  • Intersections of discrimination
  • Applying learnings and key concepts

The 5 hour version of the training is highly recommended and InsideOUT can work with you to find a solution that works for your service or practice where the 5 hour workshop isn’t possible. Multiple workshops can be run for larger services where capacity allows.

Workshop Delivery:

The ARC workshops are delivered by two of InsideOUT’s education facilitators. Full 5 hour workshops include group work, activities, discussion groups, and scenario exercises.


All staff working in the service (clinical and non-clinical) are encouraged to participate in the workshop. A ‘whole workplace’ or ‘whole service’ approach enables the whole team to be on the same page, and recognises the valuable and significant impact that non-clinical staff have in making the service safe and inclusive for rainbow service users.

Individual Participants:

We will be holding some workshops open for individual practitioners to attend. Fill out our form to express your interest in one of these and we will let you know when we have something available in your region.

Kaupapa Māori – Whakaahu Whakamua

Hine-ahu-one, the first to be fashioned into a human form – ko te ira tangata. With the combined will of āuta and of tipua humanity was manifest. As tangata Māori we are formed from the sacred clays of Papatūānuku that can be (re)shaped and (re)defined as we develop throughout our lifetime. Within our pūrakau we are given mātauranga to help us navigate the changing tides of our tuakiri, providing us with guidance, courage and strength.

Whakaahu Whakamua

Whakaahu Whakamua to progress, advance, move forward. A kaupapa Māori based approach to competency training for mental health and addiction service providers. Drawing from mātauranga within our pūrakau Māori we continue to (re)assert our cultural practices of resilience and diversity to celebrate our inherent mana motuhake. 


There are three main aho that help to weave this mahi together: mana tuakiri, mana takatāpui, mana ira tangata. The core components for these trainings are still under development. Various hui and wānanga are currently in place to hold space for our whānau takatāpui and hāpori to gather and process experiences of navigating colonised systems to get access to what we need from our service providers. The hui and wānanga will help inform the co-design of these whakangungu and serve to uphold whānaungatanga, whakapapa and kotahitanga towards the wider anamata of whakaahutanga.

Whakaahu Whakamua will be available from 2022 and beyond.

Contact for more information or questions.

Pasifika Stream

Coming soon – workshops for this stream will be available from 2022 and beyond.